7 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.27

  1. Could you please add an option to lock the comic display window in landscape mode while keeping the rest of the app windows in portrait mode?
    I asked last time for this feature, forcing the whole app in landscape mode does not look good. And most comic readers with less options than yours has it.

  2. Delete files is not working. I think Challenger is not asking Android for the right permissions. Since lolipop, apps are supposed to only use their own folder to have write and read permissions.
    Please check how this app does it. You can select any folder to read / store / delete data, but you will have to manually grant permissions. If you add a new folder and don’t do that, it will behave like Challenger and fail to write / delete.
    Listen Audiobook Player -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acmeandroid.listen&hl=en

    • The “Delete” action should be available (visible) only if files can be accessed with write permission (not available on “read only” folder and for network files). Can you confirm you can see this option even if files are located in a “read only” folder ? There is also an action named “Remove” but this action only remove entry from library (not delete the file).

  3. I see both remove and delete files. I’m using the external sdcard as storage “/storage/extSdCard”

    Here is the thing, to give write permissions to any folder outside “…/Android/data/bdviewer” Android has to prompt to select that specific folder. If not you only get read access.

    Please check how “Listen Audiobook Player” does it. You add any folder and it works like Challenger (read only). But if you want to write you have to select an icon that enables you to manually allow it.

  4. BUG: If you have a big library and manually update it, it will take some time until the real indexing process starts (when you can see the process bar moving and comic names being listed).
    If the screen turns off before the indexing starts, it will not continue until it’s on again. It can wait for hours, it only works if the screen is back on.

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