About Me

I’m French and I’ve got a poor english level.
I’m a Software Engineer.
I’m developing some free softwares in my free time.
My main programming languages are Java and Android.

You can contact me : thechallenger<at>free.fr


55 comments on “About Me

  1. I tried your program and it will not let me access my SD card. Could you please tell me what I’m doing wrong. I have an archos tablet. Thank you.

    • Hi David,

      External SD datas are located in a folder but this folder path is not the same on all Android devices, folder can be :
      /mnt/external_sd or /sdcard/external_sd.
      To open comics from your external SD you must use the “Open” menu item to select the correct folder.
      Is it OK now ?

  2. Hello,

    I’m synching with comics on my Google Drive.
    My books are organized in a main folder (unread books), and sub folders (books I have read).
    I do not want to sync any of the comics in the sub folders but I have not figured out what setting I can do this with.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • For now, it’s not possible to exclude a sub-folder.
      The best way to manage “read”/”not read” comics is to put all files in the same folder and use filter to display only “not read” comics. (when finished, a comics is automatically “tag” as “read”, it’s also possible to “tag” comics as “read”/”not read” manually by long-clicking on it in the library view).

      • Hello and thank you for the reply.
        Unfortunately there are hundreds of comics in the sub folders so manually setting them to read is not practical.
        I suppose I could move all the unread books into a ‘New’ sub-folder and link that one to the library only.

        it would have been a nice feature to exclude sub-folders though.

  3. Hello.
    i just updated my RAZR Maxx HD to Kitkat.
    The program doesn’t seem to be working properly now.
    Library refresh (from google drive) takes longer and its not downloading the comic when i want to read one.

    Has anyone else suffered any issues after upgrading to Kitkat?

  4. Hey great app but some of the comics I have aren’t showing the cover in library view. They are all .cbr files but about 10 of them show a blank space instead of the cover and when I open them it is just a blank page without the pages of the comic. I have been able to display these in other comic reader apps but I prefer the interface of this one. Is this a problem with the app or my device? It is on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Please help as I would like to continue to use this app.

      • Hey I have refreshed the library multiple times after adding more files and the files that were not working are showing up now. Not sure what the problem was as I haven’t changed the files that weren’t working.

      • Humm … Did you notice something special with files having problem ? Like size, special characters in name, huge page count, file format (in cbr) ?
        Do you reproduce the problem by refreshing again library ?

  5. Thanks for writing such a nifty program–works great on my Galaxy S!
    Since the viewer supports EPUB, I wonder if you could add some navigation capabilities (e.g., allowing the table of contents to pop up, and jumping to a specific page). Unlike for comics, the Go To button doesn’t seem to do anything when viewing EPUB files.
    Either way, thanks for this great app!

  6. Bonjour,

    Got no access to google drive anymore since last update :
    ERROR:Unable to access to Drive : null

    • I’ve got few problems with google (all problem occurs yesterday).
      Google have suspended the donation version and also locked drive access from the app … So you can’t access to google drive using the app.
      They probably think the app contains hacked comics.

      I will keep you updated.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Bonjour !
    Votre lecteur de BD se connecte à ma boîte entraînement vraiment bien .
    Je ai beaucoup de BD stockées là-bas et il faudrait une quantité incroyable de temps pour les ajouter .
    Serait-il possible de faire une application de bureau / navigateur qui pourrait construire la bibliothèque ? Alors je peux importer le fichier Bibliothèque .
    Merci ,

    Your comic reader connects to my Box Drive really well.
    I have a lot of comics stored on there and it would take an incredible amount of time to add them all.
    Would it be possible to make a desktop/browser app that could Build the Library? Then I can import the Library file.

    • For now I don’t plan to develop a tools to generate library from PC, sorry. If you deactivate cover generation (in Option => Library => Cover generation mode) it should speed up library creation.

  8. Hi .

    Sorry I don’t know your name . Please may I know which was your first version of Challenger viewer ?

    I request to let you make available all older versions too to download . I would like to download the very first version .

    Ok sir , actually I was about to edit the app because I iwn a comic company and I just wanted to have a seprate of my comic pub. in which readers can read my comics . But I think it would be wrong not let you inform about that . I know how it take hours of hard to develop such a great work .

    I also request if you can make a simple special version of Challenget Viewer for my Comic Pub. , please . Just a simple one with libraries and little menu . Showing the images of my publication in app UI . I hope you got what I am saying .

    Your app is really fantastic .

    Mr Shikanji
    Rajasthan, India .

  9. Hi,
    First of all, thanks for this great work 🙂

    The Challenger Comics Viewer works perfectly with my Nexus 10.
    But I have a problem, I can open folders in my NAS (My Book Live – Western Digital) but the files
    didn’t appear. When I use the File Manager HD, everything is ok.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Looks very good, except doesn’t support cbt (.tar comics archives) or cb7 (.7z) and these are becoming more common

  11. Thanks — CBT in particular is starting to be used for WebP based comics to distinguish them from normal, jpeg-based ones since CBT was commonly supported but rarely used because it doesn’t compress, but WebP files won’t really compress anyway … I don’t know of much using CB7 (yet) but it is one of the commonly recognized types and free to create so could change.

  12. J’ai un problème avec la lecture de pdf sur lg pad 8.3. Les images sont flous lors de la lecture. Comme si il manquait une étape à l’affichage. Je lis donc les pdf sous un autre logiciel et là pas de problème. La tablette tourne avec du Qualcomm. Les pdf sont stockés sur la carte externe.
    Merci pour ton logiciel.

    • Il est possible d’augmenter la résolution des images en utilisant les options (dans Options => Performance => Résolution de l’image. Cela devrait améliorer la qualité des images. Est ce que c’est mieux ?

  13. Non, je tourne déjà au maximun et j’ai même essayer de baisser.
    J’ai tués toutes les applis en fond (chose que je fais regulierement avant l’ouverture d’une appli sollicitant la ram) et j’ai essayé des combinaisons avec les filtres. J’aime bien ton appli et je l’ai bien torturé et elle veut pas.
    Merci de m’avoir repondu et merci pour ton boulot.

  14. J’ai réinstallé la version donation en parallèle et sur elle ça marche au poil !!!
    Si cela peut t’aider. Est ce que tu pourrais virer l’affichage de mon nom ?
    Encore merci

  15. I just want to thank you for your great work. You, yes you, are the one who makes my daily ride in the subway less terrible.

  16. hey, great great reader.
    but can u please implement option to share if you watching gifs and jpgs.
    thats the onlything i can think off that is missing.

    otherwise really creat software

  17. Hi i enjoy a lot your app but recently i started to notice i gets ads while i read a comic, there from google play i think, i didnt use to get those, does the donation version is ad free?

    Thanks in advance great work!

    • The app does not contains any ads. Where did you get it ? On the official play store ? The donation is exactly the same as the free one (but you give money to support the app).

  18. Question about library organization… i have one folder that shows up on my ‘library’ screen. it’s called ‘comics’. i put my sd card into my computer, and i add a new folder into where i have all my comics stored. how can i update my libary to add just that one folder and it still be inside my ‘comics’ folder? the only way i’ve seen so far is to refresh that entire folder, which is very large. when i do this, reworks the entire library, and all of the comics i’ve read are now marked as new/unread comics.

    • I’m not sure to fully understand your problem … Do you have problem with library display ? Don’t hesitate to give me screenshot to illustrate the problem.
      To update library, there is a refresh action (in menu).

  19. Been using your program for quite a while, And recently I’ve had some issue with Newer CBR/CBZ’s not working with the program. I will get a Gray icon instead of the cover. Not sure if it might be a setting issue or something else.

    • Hi Bradley,
      Can you give me more details about this problem ? What is your device model and Android version ?
      Do you have this problem with all files or only few of them ? Can you send me one of these files (thechallenger@free.fr) ? I will try to reproduce the problem on my side using your file.
      Thanks for your help.

  20. Hello.
    I really like your application but it lacks one very important thing:
    Detect when it is a single page and when a double page to adapt the display mode. (Comicrack app has this option).
    For example if I have the default width setting, when I go to a double page, I see everything small.
    I should be able to detect it and automatically put for that page an adjustment to the height

  21. Tried to contact you by email, but it was rejected.

    Great app with many options. Thanks!

    1. Force landscape mode but only for the comic reading page. (keeping vertical mode for options). This option exists in many others app, and I always use it.
    2. In library mode, if the first comic page is a double page, the icon looks weird and does not fill the space. Change it to show the first individual page.
    3. Material design is fine, maybe you could also add the material look to the main app page, instead of forcing to use the cartoon style one.

    Good work!.

    • I don’t know why your mail was rejected, did you use the right email address (thechallenger@free.fr) ?
      About your comment, there is an option to force orientation (in options, system, Lock orientation auto switch). I will add other ideas on my to-do list (use first individual page as cover) and material design improvement. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Yes your email address was right and delivery failed.

        If you force landscape, you force it in the whole app, including options menu. Please create a new option to force landscape only in the manga reader window, respecting android settings for the menus. Others apps have it this way.

        Also there is a small bug. If you force landscape or read a comic in landscape mode, the image is rendered first in portrait mode, then quickly turn to landscape and rendered again.

        It happens when loading a comic for the firt time and when automatic loading next chapter without leaving the reader window.


  22. There was an old and not supported / working comic app called “Comic Reader Mobi” that had a cool feature.

    It scanned and detected text in the comics, and if you pressed one time over the text, it would zoom just that text box. I detected the place the text was placed in (square, circle, etc) and it only zoomed that.

    Just a very cool feature you could implement if it’s possible. No other comic app had it.


  23. I only want to thank you this app, very useful and well done. Beside a few problems, my use of it has been great. Merci beaucoup my friend 🙂

    Otherwise I have a clogged up situation. I´ve been using this app for years but yesterday i reinstall it, because when i read some comics in vertical mode, interfere a page that is like blurry. This issue is solve, but now i want to find the mode to enter in the app and instantly go to library. I fondle the menu when i reinstall the app, to change to see the last page of a comic at startup, but now i can´t find the choice to startup in library. ¿Where it is? I know, i know that is supposedly easy to find, but for me is impossible :(.

    Amazing app.

  24. Challenger is probably the best reader for both comics and prose ebooks that I have ever used, but I am having one small problem with it. The user guide mentions a “Night Mode” in the display options, but I can’t seem to find it. Was this feature removed?

    • Hi,
      “Night mode” is only available while reading epub files. In this mode, text will be displayed in light gray and background will be set to black.
      Is it ok on your side ?

      • Oh, I see. I was trying to use it with a PDF file. I guess that explains why I couldn’t find the option :p

  25. Great app. Thank you. My library is stored in Samba and everything was fine. I recently added some new files then refreshed the library. Unfortunately my WiFi connection was not connected and after the refresh my library was blank.
    Where is the database stored as I’d like to back it up once I restore the library…. would it be possible for you to make an option to back up and restore from backup?

    • Hi,
      The database is managed by Android database (in the app database).
      To do a backup of your library, you can use the export/import action (in Options => System => Export Library to file). You can also customize exported data (to include or exclude cover for instance) using Library export mode option (in Options => System => Library export mode).
      Does it match your needs ?

    • Hi Ryan,
      You can read files from USB OTG drive using Open file action and then browsing to the correct folder.
      Folder path depends of your Android version, What is your Android version ?

  26. Bonjour,
    Je viens d’essayer votre programme. Il procure une lecture agréable, gratuite et sans pub, merci donc beaucoup pour votre travail.
    Il me permet en outre d’acceder à ma bibliotheque accessible via samba ce dont j’ai besoin mais l’acces aux albums est assez laborieux, j’aimerais donc vous proposer quelques suggestions d’ameliorations j’espere simples à implementer.
    L’ajout de dossier à la bibliothèque et tres long (plusieurs heures), il serait bien que cela se fasse en arriere plan en permetant de continuer a utiliser l’application et que la liste dans la bibliotheque soit accessible tout de suite, quitte à recuper les informations secondaires ensuite (creation des miniatures…). Dans la même idée, ouvrir un album peut prendre plusieurs minutes, pouvoir commencer à lire avant que tout l’album soit chargé serait un vrai plus (le top serait de recharger en premier la derniere page lue). Enfin c’est tres bien de pouvoir telecharger un album en local mais ce serait bien de pouvoir choisir un autre dossier par défaut et de le marquer comme téléchargé dans la bibliotheque plutot que d’aficher l’album en doublon.
    Merci beaucoup d’avance. N’hésitez pas à me recontacter si quelque chose m’a échappé ou si mes explications ne sont pas claires !

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