8 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.25

  1. Yo man that’s sad to hear… I hope your app gets back, it’s simply amazing.
    Anyways I wanted to ask a question regarding network library, I connected my computer as a library through Samba, but it’s taking an awfully long time. Is it because the app downloads the comics into the phone or is it doing something else? I hope I did not have to save anything in my phone, since I have very little storage.

    Thanks again for such an amazing app!!

    • Hi,

      When you create library (from local or from netwok files), the app will extract covers from files. So when files are network files, the app needs to download file before extracting cover. You can skip covers generation using Options (in Library options, Covers generation mode). Another way to speed up library creation is to put “cover files” (jpg file with same name as comics file, for instance: batman.jpg for batman.cbr file), if “cover file” is present (and if “Covers generation mode” is correctly set in Library Options) the app will use it (and not extract cover from comics file).
      Anyway, the app will not keep downloaded files on device, they will be automatically cleaned when cache is full. File cache size can be customized using Options, Cache, File cache size.

      Is it OK on your side ?

  2. Bonjour,

    J’ai remarqué un bug
    Prenons 2 PDF portant le meme nom mais a 2 endroits différents dans la bibliotèque.
    SD externe/bibliotèque/dossier 1/01.pdf
    SD externe/bibliotèque/dossier 2/01.pdf
    Si j’ouvre le 01.pdf du dossier 1 -> OK
    Ensuite le 01 du dossier 2 -> c’est le cache du 1er qui est réutilisé et donc ce n’est pas les bonnes images.
    Je n’avais jamais remarqué ce problème car je n’avais que des cbr, cbz, ou jpeg.
    J’ai reproduis ce bug sur une galaxy note 10.1 2014 et un mate 8 avec la 2.01.24 et la 2.01.25
    La désactivation du cache résoud le bug.

    C’est pas évident a expliquer, j’espère que tu m’aura compris

  3. Great app, but I’m having trouble setting main folders for comics i.e. Manga>Battle Angel, Blade of the Immortal; Comics>X-Men, Batman, magazines>Heavy Metal, Toyfare. The trouble is when I put a thumbnail in the main folder, the app only picks covers from subfolders, and not from the only jpeg in the main folder. So the comics folder will pick a random image from say, Batman, and none of the 3 thumbnail generation options rectify this. Is there a workaround? or will you address this in the future? Please advise.

    • Hi,
      I’m not sure to fully understand your problem. It seems you have a problem with cover thumbnails in the library view.
      For now, you can override a comics cover using an image file (jpg or png) but it only works for comics file, not for folder.
      So in library view (depending of the library view mode) folders will be displayed with a cover from its childs.

      If it’s not clear enough, can you give me more details about your problem ?

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