5 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.19

  1. Hi, I’m having problems connecting to a SMB share on Win10 that I can access from other Comic Readers. On my S7 Edge I get the following error;

    “ERROR: Unable to create samba file : / : java.lang.illegalArgumentException: invalid port: -1

    I have tried putting 139 as the port and also leaving it blank.

    On my Samsung Tab 2 I get the following error;

    ERROR: Unable to create samba file : / : java.lang.NumberFormatException: Invalid int: “my-password-here%21@laptop”

    I also can’t connect to my Office365/business version of OneDrive. This is different to the one Challenger Viewer supports as it’s based on Sharepoint. Will you be supporting it in the future?


    • First, about Samba access, I did a test with my win10 computer and I did not reproduce the problem. Can you confirm you correctly set the right username and password ?
      About OneDrive, you are right, for now business version is not supported.

      • With samba I can connect using the same user/pass from other apps on the devices (ES File explorer for example). But… I’ve just noticed in the error message it’s replacing the ! in my password with the html code %21. Is this just how it’s reporting the error message on the screen or is it using %21 in my password when it tries to authenticate?

      • Yes it’s the correct behavior (%21 is HTML code to “!” char).
        Did you use your Win 10 full name or the “short name” (name of your user folder in C:\users) ?

  2. I was using my Windows account in full (it’s a Microsoft account not local), I can connect using these details via other apps. I’ve just created a local user on the same PC and this allows me to connect to Challenger. Thanks!

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