7 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.16

  1. Your app is just fantastic. I have a bit of a request though, the thumbnails on the library view is very lowres, is there any way to have a better quality for them? Did you cache the covers? Maybe ypu could implement scling algorithms on them too?
    Thanks for the great app and your responses

  2. Amazing app.
    I was wondering if something could be done about the manga view. When I flip pages, the display goes straight to the left page. Since we read manga from right to left it could be a little clunky. It is fine with the normal view though since we already read from left to right.

    • To read manga, the best way is to:
      – activate Mange style in Options (Options, Display, Reading style)
      – set scrolling orientation to Horizontal (In Options, Display, Scrolling Orientation)

      Does it match your needs ?

  3. Best comics and mangas viewer ever, really!!
    Bon , je suis francophone donc….
    J’adore votre visionneuse, qui me permet de continuer à lire mes BDs sur mon smartphone quand je suis en déplacement :-)…….
    Mais j’ai un petit “souci”, il n’y a rien qui me permet de connaître la taille réelle de l’image et quand je rapetisse/agrandis l’image il n’y a pas d’indication de pourcentage…..

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