4 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.14

  1. Hmm… Something caused my library to be mostly wiped. About 4/5ths of my comics in the library now show 0 issues (the names are still there) and have no cover art. Resynching my library is updating it (slowly) but all the read progress is gone and art is being redownloaded.

    • Seems to be a bug (Sorry for that).
      Can you give me more details about your library ?
      How many items do you have (folders and comics files) ?
      Do you have only one library ?
      Is it a local library (files located on your device) or network library (files located on network) ?
      Do you use automatic refresh (can be activate/deactivate using options in Options => Library => Auto Refresh) or manual refresh (using refresh action in library view) ?
      Did you notice anything wrong (like error messages, crash, strange behavior) ?

      Thanks for your help and I’m really sorry for this problem.

  2. A single library
    Networked webdav library (no local copies other than cached)
    50.5GB total, ~4200 files, half of which are cover art
    I use manual refresh only
    I didn’t notice anything strange, although I think it occurred after a recent manual library update.

    1.4GB of cover art over 2050 files. I am not sure what the upper limits are for those numbers on a library.

    Also, I just cleared my cache to test and my library is using 115MB of app data, which seems small considering my art is 1.4GB and all the art appears to be there. I assume then that Challenger downsamples the cover images it downloads (roughly 10:1) or stores them somewhere other than app data.

    When most of my library (issues and art) went missing, the app data was around 40MB.

    • it seems there was a problem in the refresh process. The app should automatically remove comics files if there are not available (I think there was a problem while retrieving available file list). I will take a look in this code section and investigate on this problem.

      About app data, library + covers are stored in app data. App cache is used to store temporary files (like current comics files, current comics thumbnail, …).

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