8 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.12

  1. I found your application today, and so far it works well. I only have one question: how do I configure it to open the next file at page 1 when I am done with the last page of the current file? I have tried tapping and swiping, and I have looked for some configuration setting, but I have not as yet been successful. Thank you for your assistance.

    • To open automatically the next file you must create a library. Once created, the app will open next comics file when you reach the end of current file. Does it match your need ?

      • Thank you for your reply. No, it does not meet my needs. I do not want to have the extra work of “libraries”. I want to copy comics to my tablet, open a comic, and when I get to the last page of that comic, and I turn the page, I want to see the first page of the next comic in the directory. I do not need libraries or thumbnails or any of that. Just open, read, and turn page. Thank you for your reply, though.

  2. I cannot get WebDav to work no matter what, the server is running correctly I can map it from all my other LAN devices including windows / linux boxes but not in Challenger :\

    error message “Error while listing folder: / in WebDav: null”

    • Correction, I have resolved the issue. It should be noted that if you use IIS to host your webdav server you need to enable directory browsing and add mime types for cbr / cbz in order for Challenger to be able to access / see them.

      Also it will copy your entire comic library locally in order to generate the thumbnails so be sure to only do this on LAN for initial setup OR disable thumbnail generation in options.

      • To speed up library creation you can also add cover files (image file with same name as comics file: like batman.jpg for batman.cbz file). In this case, the app will use this file and not download comics file to extract cover file.
        Thanks for your comment about IIS server, I’m pretty sure it will help other users.

      • Can you suggest an app or script that will creates cover jpgs for an entire library?

        Also I have a minor feature request, could you possibly add an additional rotation option that is “locked” so that single pages are always in portrait and double pages are always in landscape? I like to read comics on my side on the couch or in bed but that is impossible with rotation on, and if I lock in landscape the double wide pages are impossible to appreciate. Thank you for your consideration.

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