7 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.11

  1. The library generates extra white covers. Is there a setting I can use to avoid these white covers?
    The white covers all have names of existing comics but start with a “.”
    My compliments to you for the excellent work you did with this app!
    Suggestion for future releases: per panel reading.

      • Can you give me some details about this library ? Did you create it using local files (stored on your device) or using network files (like Samba, DropBox, …) ? It seems the application found some hidden folders (folder name started with a dot “.”).

  2. I created the library using local files stored on the device. I checked and you are correct that there are hidden files that result in the extra library items. thanks for helping out 😀

    • I don’t not plan to do this. It’s will work only for few comics and I’m pretty sure result will not be good. Some apps already do this but they are using a custom file format (pages are already splits by panels). Sorry ;(

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