12 comments on “Challenger Comics Viewer v2.1.9

  1. Hi
    i’m very interested by ubooquity opds feature (great comics server btw), but it always downloads the full comics, not page by page stream.

    do i miss something ?

    I’m using ubooquity 1.7.0 and challenger v2.01.09.armeabi-v7a

    • Ubooquity 1.7 is the right version.
      You should use stream icons when you browse Ubooquity opds. Then you can choose a page from this stream (appears like a folder), once selected the app will open this page and you can start reading (other pages will be downloaded in background automatically).

      • Thanks! I’ve missed the stream icon 🙂
        Yet when adding an ubooquity folder into a library, then comics are downloaded not read as stream.
        Or i still miss something 🙂

      • It seems there is a problem when you create a library from Ubooquity.
        Ubooquity server can publish (in OPDS) same comics in multiple format (like cbr, stream, …) and Challenger Comics Viewer will create a cover for all of them, and so, it will download cbz or cbr files to extract the cover.
        I will add a fix on my side (in Challenger Comics Viewer), the app will import only stream when multiple format are available. The fix will be available in next release.
        Sorry …

  2. can’t wait !
    and no need to be sorry, having worked in software company, i know what it is to develop app 🙂
    thanks for all the works you already done

  3. All it does for me is just analyzing library data. I’ve left it run overnight and still does not seem to do anything. This is my Ubooquity server. I have about 29000 books.

  4. Alright, I’m at a complete loss here. I can’t get it to stream correctly. It keeps scanning throughout the night but ending up with nothing. I’ve made a sample DB available for testing with about 3000 comics in case you’re interested, I just can’t get the streaming to work. Do we have any setup example or how-to available somewhere? I feel like I’m missing something.

    Other then that it’s about the best comic reader available 🙂 (using local DB comics for now) so grabbed the donated version. Cheers!

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